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"The Boxty Lads entered Soundfactor studios HQ recording studio on Nov 25th 2017 to start recording our first album “Home at Last”. As we unloaded our instruments and took our first look around we didn't realise the seven month labour awaiting us. Our nervousness was soon eased as we began to work with and get to know Carlo Delicati ( engineer and owner or Soundfactor HQ ) and as we sat down to lunch with Carlo's two sons and partner Rosalba, who had prepared for us an amazing homemade tradition italian meal ( with good wine of course ) we knew we were in the right place. Why? The answer is simple: because The Boxty Lads is a family and we knew we had just extended it. We knew we were in the right place to relax, work, create and just follow where the ideas would take us..."


Producer POV

Producer Story

Producer Story

I knew Daniele for past collaborations and production works and I have been so happy to have met these brilliant guys with this genuine passion with their music.

Everything was great, the recordings, creative process, mixing, mastering, everything was with the right mood,
great respect, no tensions, ideas sharing...the perfect album. 

  • Thanks Paul for always believing in my suggestions and negative delays,
    I really hope our roads will meet again on other projects as well as Boxty Lads.
  • Thanks Dom, for being such heavy soul, we always felt your presence during sessions.
  • Thanks Daniele for having introduced your band to me, what a great experience.
  • Thanks Dario for great playing and interpretation and for being guest on my composition.
  • Thanks Luca for being the glue with band members, me and the music.



Recorded with AKG solidTube - Aston - Neumann U87 - Akg 535 microphones, Avalon and Focusrite Preamps, Orion 32 Audio Engine, Logic Pro soft - Softube and Native Instruments Plug Ins, Focal - PMC - Yamaha Studio Monitor

Carlo Delicati - Producer

main links to buy the cd or download album and/or single songs 

You taught us

Joe's song

Star of the county down

Yarmouth town

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